Tutorial 5




Tutorial 4


This picture is a representation of panning but since the background was cut off and it only shows the car your not able to see it. So basically I copied the car. Then added four boxes so I would be able to color each one.

When doing the boxes I first had to cut out the car. But unfortunately I wasn’t able to put in the lights from the car on because it didn’t let me. Never the less I think it still came out pretty good.


Tutorial 3


This picture I took myself. Very proud the edit came out perfect. The only thing is that the jeep looks so small.

The background and colors with the jeep like amazing. The font I chose was kind of like hand writing but more of a classical font. Because it looks good specially with the colors, they contrast each other. Which makes them standout even more.


Tutorial 2


In this picture I feel like the contrast with the background and the sun flare is a perfect combination. Since part of the background is a dark color the sun flare doesn’t blend in. Its visible and thats what I like about this picture.

Also the people who came out in the background add a little new touch! Overall I think this picture is one of my best edits that I’ve done the whole year. But besides being easy to edit it looks dope.


Cd and Disk Project


This Cd/Disc project comes to show you how much I adore nature. I feel like we should all appreciate nature more then we do now. Because its something so valuable.

Overall trees are my favorite of all. Trees help us survive and breathe. Every breath we breathe is valuable because what if one day we don’t have air. Then nobody would survive and we wouldn’t be here.


Real Panning / Fake Panning


In the first picture box I liked how the first on the left looks like. The editing for that car pretty cool in my opinion. That picture of the car is my favorite.

Including the picture of George who is the guy running. I think the reason I like it is because I edit I did on it. So in the end I like those two’s out of the four pictures.

In the second picture box I like how theres a picture of a yellow flower. I appreciate nature. If nature weren’t to exist never would we. I just adore nature because of how amazing it looks. Nature’s irreplaceable.