Action Project


The girl your seeing right now in this picture is named Nexus. She is a very special person to me because I’ve know her throughout the 3 years of high school. We basically met because of this program we were both in called Avid. And ever since we met I feel like we had this instant connection were we both bonded. Its a unique bond that I don’t think I’ll ever feel with anyone special. She’ll always hold a space in my heart. And Im very greatly that we met because life wouldn’t be the same without her.

I hope that even after high school we still talk because she’s a fun person to be around. We always mess around like cracking jokes and laugh at the dumbest things. But only we get each other. I love her a lot so hopefully we’ll always be with each other.


Cube Project


The reason as to why I chose this picture in my project is because Im in love Chris Brown! He has inspired me to keep going in live. Because of everything his been through. Almost everyone at one point bashed him and also criticized him because of his past. But he showed me that no matter what happens you should keep moving on. And to not let the past hold you back and move forward. Even if people disagree with what your doing or did. It doesn’t matter and the only thing that matters is your own opinion because at the end of the day your the one thats going to be with yourself 24/7.

So in the end I chose him because he has impacted my life in many positive ways. Who’s taught to me to keep moving forward even if something bad is going on in your life at this moment. It’ll eventually pass and in the future it’ll all just be a memory and you won’t have to deal with the bad things that happened. You’ll be able to say thats something that bad that happened in my life but now thats all over and it’s made me the person I am today.

Alphabet Project


The reason as to why I choose this name is because its my little nieces name. My little niece just turned 1. She is a very special person to me because Ive seen her since the day she was born. I was there when she was born and Im still there for her till this day. I love her very much because she’s like the little sister Ive never had. To me she is a very special person and someone Ill never forgot till the day I die.

Her name is actually a name my sister chose which is Hawaiian. My sister was undeceived between the name Milanie or Melanie . But everyone she asked thought Milanie was a better name than Melanie. Which I think she made a good chose because I feel like it goes with my little niece. But either she’s someone who is every special to me and I love her to death!



The reason as to why I chose this location is because I think this area has a lot of bright colors. And its something that got my interested in taking this picture. It shows a wide variety of colors which I think makes it look even better. The colors on this picture are so vibrant. Having the trees, grass, & sky makes it have basically like an interesting personality. I just love the way how this picture turned out. I think its amazing everything came out perfect. The bright blue sky. The nice looking trees and overall its just the way I expected it to turn out. Its also my favorite place on my school campus. Because its just a place where you can go and find nature & really see how truly the world is. This world is a beautiful place it just takes the right place for you to see how beautiful it is.

Its a place where you can go when your mad,happy, or sad. You can just go for fun or to relax and lay down and stare all day.  I feel that either way if seeing it in a picture or going in person to see this amazing place you won’t be disappointed! Because this truly is a beautiful place to go see. Its a site you’ll never forget. As every season passes by it looks different but it’ll still be a site you’ll never forget.